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The Strongest and Most Durable Diffraction Glasses in the World


Experience EyeParty

Who We Are

We are not as much a company as we are a movement.  EyeParty is here to enhance, accentuate and forever change the visual impact of music.  Launched in 2012 after months of research which culminated in production of the world’s most powerful party lenses, EyeParty stands behind its two core principals of quality goods and impeccable service.  EyeParty plans over the course of time to release visually stimulating products that tap into your deepest senses of bewilderment and tireless excitement.

What We Do

Formed by the desire to eliminate the pre-conceived notions of your mind and to return you, if even for a moment, to a state of childlike excitement that stokes the fires of your imagination, EyeParty will revolutionize the way you consume music. From the largest festival grounds to the most intimate and exclusive clubs, EyeParty’s can be worn by anyone with a desire to connect to music through the most evocative of our senses, our eyes.

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